Strigidae Bubo: the CAL

Let's do this thing my way!

I am super excited about this short adventure we are about to start.  This CAL done my way has been in the works for MONTHS!  I knew it was coming, but could not for the life of me decide on a design I felt was an accurate representation of my work without being overly complex or simple.  When what was known as The Owl during designing was coming together I knew I had it.   

I don't follow rules well, and I've always done things my own way so I decided to put together a release for Strigidae Bubo in a CAL done my way.  This design is written and published in "Sort of CAL" format.  I've been asked may times to do a real CAL and this is as close as I am bound to get.  This pattern is a good place to begin if you would like to try one of my large designs, but find yourself intimidated by how complex they look.

As with most CAL: 

  • this pattern will be released in sections each week.
  • There are lots and lots of pictures to help you along the way.
  • There are a few videos here and there to help you along the way.
  • This is a free pattern

This differs from a standard CAL in a few ways:  

  • This is not a sponsored event, and will not have yarn packs available for purchase.
  • All "sizes" follow the same color number (1-8) layout, but are worked in different colors.  Each one is given yarn brand, amounts, and recommended hook.

In the coming weeks I'll be releasing yarn totals and information to get you ready for the first section.  I hope you're as excited as I am.


Please remember this pattern is my original design and is protected by copyright.  It is and will be available only on my website.


September 2018 

All rights reserved

Schedule of Events

The CAL will cover 18 weeks

October 1, 2018  Part 1: The Eyes and Rounds 1-6 of the blanket

October 7, 2018  Part 2: Rounds 7-17

October 14, 2018 Part 3: Rounds 18-27

October 21, 2018 Part 4: Rounds 28-35

October 28, 2018 Part 5: Rounds 36-43

November 4, 2018 Part 6: Rounds 44-49

November 11, 2018 Part 7; Rounds 50-55

November 18, 2018 Part 8: Rounds 56-62

November 25, 2018 Part 9: Rounds 63-68

December 2, 2018 part 10: Rounds 69-74

December 9, 2018 Part 11: Rounds 75-80

December 16, 2018 Part 12: Rounds 81-85

December 23, 2018 Part 13: Rounds 86-91

December 30, 2018 Part 14: Rounds 92-96

January 6, 2019 Part 15: Rounds 97-100

January 13, 2019 Part 16: Rounds 101-104

January 20, 2019 Part 17: Rounds 105-108

January 27, 2019 Part 18: Rounds 109-110 


Helpful information to get you started 

Let's rock!

Abbreviations, techniques, and videos

Show me how

Section 18

Keep Hooking


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