Strigidae Bubo: the CAL


Strigidae Bubo: the CAL

Back for another week!  We are so very close to the end.  Isn't it exciting?

The rounds are taking a long time to complete now.  You will notice the last few sections are only a few rounds each.  I spent a long time going back an forth with myself about how many rounds each of these last few sections should be.  I finally settled on three rounds for sections 15, 16, and 17.  Section 18 will cover the final two rounds and suggestions for finishing your Bubo.

Section 15

Round 97 color 1

Join with a standing dc in any corner sp, (dc, ch2, 2dc) in same sp.  *Dc in next 210 sts.  (2Dc, ch2, 2dc) in next corner sp* 4 times, omitting last corner sp.  Join to the first st with a slst.  FO.

214 dc ea side

Round 98 color 8

Join with a standing sc in any corner sp, (ch2, sc) in same sp.  *BPhdc around next 214 sts.  (Sc, ch2, sc) in next corner sp* 4 times, omitting last corner sp.  Join to the first st with a slst.  FO.

216 sts ea side

Round 99 color 3

Join with a standing hdc in any corner sp, (ch2, hdc) same sp.  *Hdc in next 216 sts.  (Hdc, ch2, hdc) in next corner sp* 4 times, omitting last corner sp.  Join to the first st with a slst.  DO NOT FO.

218 hdc ea side

Round 100

Slst to the ch2 sp.  Ch2, does NOT count as a st, *(Puff, ch2, Puff) in corner sp.  Ch1, sk 2 sts, [puff in next st, ch1, sk 1 st] 108 times* 4 times.  Join to the first puff with a slst.  FO.

110 puff ea side


You have completed section 15

You're so close to finishing.  I hope you look at your bubo and feel pride in all the work you have put into your cute little-big owl.  I hope when you look at your Bubo you smile at your life laid out before you in stitches.  

When I look back at my designs I can see in each stitch what was going on in my life at the time I was designing it.  I see the traveling I did to my rabbit shows in every ball of Angora wool I pull out of the weave.  I can list the television shows I binge listened to while working.  I see my moods and feelings in the movement of the design.  I see something to be proud of, I hope each and every one of your sees something to be proud of as well.

Bubo is almost complete.  The last few sections have fewer rounds to complete, but each takes longer than ever.  

As always, please take a moment to stitch in all your ends and take a few pretty pictures.

Please remember this pattern is my original design and is protected by copyright.  It is and will be available only on my website.


January 2019

All rights reserved


CAL Section 15 (pdf)



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