Strigidae Bubo: the CAL


Strigidae Bubo: the CAL

This is it!  This is the the border!  The final section.  The finish.

Section 18

Round 109 color 8

Join with a standing sc in any corner sp, (ch2, sc) in same sp.  *BPhdc around next 240 sts.  (Sc, ch2, sc) in next corner sp.  Join to the first st with a slst.  FO.

240 BPhdc, 2 sc ea side

Round 110 color 5

Join with standing sc in any corner sp, (ch3, 2trc) in same sp.  *Sk 2 sts, [(sc, ch3, 2trc) in next st, sk 2 sts] 80 times.  (Sc, ch3, 2trc) in next corner sp* 4 times, omitting last corner sp.  Join to the first st with a slst.  FO.

80 shells and 1 corner shell ea side


You have completed Strigidae Bubo

How does it feel?  

I hope you enjoyed working on this pattern.  I hope you're proud of what you have created.

I enjoyed the journey of this CAL.  The format was an interesting exercise for me.  My patterns are, in general, written only with an occasional picture thrown in here and there to give a visual for difficult or tricky areas.  Reminding myself to take more pictures was one of the more difficult parts of the process.  Knowing this was going to be published as a CAL from the beginning of the design helped for the most part.  

My biggest struggle was the talking, the introduction and closing to each section.  Every Saturday morning I would sit with my coffee and work on the page for that week.  I would finish the rounds and pictures with no trouble, and then stare at the screen trying to think of ANYTHING to say.  Each week most of my time working on the CAL was that blank stare at the cursor on the screen.  Now that this journey is over I am so relieved I don't have to do that part anymore.

Will I do another CAL?  Will I publish another design in the picture heavy CAL format?  Probably not.  Will I publish another large pattern for free on my website?  Most definitely, but I will keep it to my usual way of doing things; written with a picture here and there for visual assistance. 

I tried to create a fun, yet easy design to introduce myself and my writing style to a broader crochet audience.  Now that you have completed the pattern I hope you feel comfortable enough with my style to experiment with some of my other designs.  I have a few small designs available for free here on my website listed under the free patterns tab.  If you'd like to try your hand at my other, larger designs you can find each of them listed under the designs tab.  Each page has a link to my Ravelry store to purchase the patterns.

Thank you for playing with yarn with me.  

Please remember this pattern is my original design and is protected by copyright.  It is and will be available only on my website.


January 2019

All rights reserved


CAL Section 18 (pdf)


Strigidae Bubo: the book

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