Ziggy's Odyssey


An odyssey is defined as a long, wandering journey or an intellectual or spiritual quest.  I found the name Odyssey fitting for my first mandala blanket pattern.  For me, this was a journey in self discovery, confidence, and creativity.  My dog, Ziggy, was prominently featured in each picture of the progress of the pattern, so I felt she needed a little recognition in the title as well.  Welcome to Ziggy's Odyssey.  I hope you enjoy the trip.

When you take your first peek, please don’t get intimidated.  Work one stitch at a time, just one stitch.  No matter how fast or slow anyone works, we all work one stitch at a time.  While working you may get frustrated with the pattern, with my writing, or with yourself.  Be patient.  Remember that this was the first pattern I have written and all frustration should be aimed at my inexperience.  I’ve grown since writing this.  My writing has improved.  Should you feel the need to scream in frustration, you should let it all out and then get in touch with me.  I’m happy to help.

Purchasing the Pattern

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