Luca's Inferno

Luca's Inferno

If you’ve worked any of my patterns before you may have noticed my introductions usually include the inspiration for the design and fun facts I found interesting while researching that particular project.  I give everyone the backstory to the design.  This one has a longer story than the rest:

In the spring of 2018 the eruption of Kilauea was all I saw on the nightly news.  Around the same time California began burning.  Every evening while I worked on Strigidae Bubo I saw fire consuming countryside, homes, lives.  Pictures and videos were being shared on social media of hillsides burning, driving roads surrounded by fire, lava flowing, smoke, explosions, everything burning.  The night photography captivated me.  I saw the beauty in all of the destruction.

I spent months researching volcanoes and wildfires.  Lava lakes, lava flow, the temperature of molten rock, wildfire damage, burn rates, cost of destruction, anything and everything associated with these types of disasters filled my search history.  I was armed with knowledge, pictures, and statistics to create this volcano/wildfire inspired design.

I started this one in September 2018.  My life took a hard turn that early fall, and I was full of anger, resentment, and hurt.  I was overwhelmed.  I was scared.  This design became less about the volcano and wildfire and more about finding some way to give my inner torture a voice.  When I look at it now I see the anger, the insecurity, and the fear in the design.  I see a picture of my emotions put on display for everyone to see.  As a very private person this one is difficult to share.

Luca, my boy, my heart, was at my feet the whole time.  The gentle giant gave me comfort and warmth while I exorcised my demons.

He is, in fact, at my feet at this very moment offering warmth and comfort while I type this intro. 

Thank you for your support, especially with this one. 

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The Details

Luca's Inferno begs you to reach out and touch it.  It is a massive, yarn eating 96 inches across with texture in almost every round.  You will need approximately 10,000 yards of yarn to work this design to completion.

Inferno is not a fast pattern to work and it seems to be one of my more intermediate/advanced designs.


Hook size- H 5 mm

Yarn- Paintbox Simply Aran (100% acrylic; 3.5 oz, 201 yd) or any worsted weight yarn  

Yardage- 9,295 - 10,224  total yds. **Please Note: Weights and measurements are for Paintbox Simply Aran.  If you choose to use another brand of yarn, which is perfectly ok, your amounts used could vary greatly from what is listed.**  

  • Color 1- Seville Orange (218) approximately 770 yds used 
  • Color 2- Pillar Red (214) approximately 1072 yds used 
  • Color 3- Tomato Red (212) approximately 990 yds used 
  • Color 4- Buttercup Yellow (222) approximately 1045 yds used 
  • Color 5- Red Wine (215) approximately 660 yds used 
  • Color 6- Blood Orange (219) approximately 1210 yds used 
  • Color 7- Pure Black (201) approximately 1463 yds used 
  • Color 8- Granite Grey (206) approximately 1067 yds used 
  • Color 9- Slate Grey (205) approximately 935 yds used 
  • Color 10- Misty Grey (203) approximately 1012 yds used 

Finished size- Approximately 96 inches (8 ft) across

Luca on his Inferno

Luca on his Inferno


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