Jellyfish Gyration

Introducing my newest design, Jellyfish Gyration!  Based on a short video clip of the Halitrephes Maasi jelly.  

The Halitrephes Maasi jellyfish, also known as the fireworks jelly, can be found 4,000 feet underwater near Baja, California.  The jellyfish is almost invisible until illuminated where it then reflects the light in a bursting, fireworks pattern. 

My goal for this design was to capture the still image of the jelly, and trick the brains of viewers into seeing depth and movement.  Using dark colors as the deep sea background, the transparent jelly appears to float.  The tentacles of the jellyfish in the design are "drawn" over the background with post stitches and capped with puffs or popcorn stitches.    A fringe border adds the final touch of tentacles to bring the whole design together.

Designed with Paintbox Simply Aran yarn for a soft, squishy, and luxurious finish while still being affordable to work the pattern to the end. 

Pattern Details

H hook

Approximately 6,750 yards used.

Finished Size 76 inches, excluding fringe 

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