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During the final phase of designing Kaleidoscope Garden I was approached by someone looking for a peacock design.  The moment I read the words on the screen I saw in my mind so many bits and pieces of what could be something amazing.  I was intimidated by my vision, and stalled the start of the design by researching.  I spent hours upon hours looking at peacock pictures, picking and choosing different looks, shapes, and textures that called to me.  The birds in flight being the most terrifying thing I have ever needed to create out of yarn.  Those birds in didn’t just call to me, they screamed my name.  I tried to bring all the different things those hours of research showed me together in a design that can be used to bring any majestic bird or fantasy creature, not just a peacock, to life with color and texture to achieve the look or feel each person would want in their blanket. 

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