Be a Tester

Thank you for your interest in being a tester!  I appreciate all the time and work that goes into being a tester, and I also understand that you fine people have the hardest job.  

You will be given the pattern in sections.  Each of these sections need to be completed in one week.  I understand that life happens and occasionally falling behind happens.  If you find that you are falling behind due to whatever reason please get in touch with me.  I am fairly laid back about my timeline until you get two weeks or more behind.  At that point your likelihood of catching up is very slim. 

The docs that you will be working from are not the original copy.  Formatting these pages is not necessary.  The master copy has headers, page numbers, and margins already set up.  Your copies will also not include pictures.  I ask that you avoid looking at pictures of the design while you are working the test.  I know and understand that this makes your job harder, but I do it for a very specific purpose.  This pattern must be easy to understand and figure out for all skill levels, so I am forcing you to go by written word alone.  If you can complete it blind the chances of someone completing it with pictures available on their pages with ease increases. 

I try to be available at all times and get back to you as quickly as possible.  Please understand I do need to sleep occasionally.  It is a good idea to check rounds prior to completing them against the doc if you have printed them.  Once a test gets going it can and does change quite a bit, there’s nothing worse than finding out a mistake was fixed after you find it in a printed (outdated) copy.

As a tester you are responsible for:

  • Pointing out my mistakes.  This is hard for some, I know, but it must be done.  Any and all spelling, grammar, punctuation, and counting mistakes must be brought to my attention.  Docs gives you the ability to make comments directly on the doc, or you can suggest edits.  Both are acceptable methods.  All changes are made by me.
  • Tracking materials used.  It may seem silly, annoying, or an inconvenience but this is crucial!  You may use a different brand or weight than me.  Your tension may be drastically different than mine.  There is nothing more annoying than working a pattern only to find out you didn’t buy enough yarn and lost at yarn chicken.
  • Counting! Count every single stitch.  EVERY SINGLE STITCH.  This is where most of my mistakes happen when writing.  Somewhere between designing a row or round, writing it down, and then typing occasionally my fingers get happy and hit wrong keys or I just forget how to count all together.  You must count every round.  If counts are off and you know where my mistake is please point it out to me, if it isn’t adding up and you can’t figure out why then please get in touch with me and we will work it out together.  
  • Pictures. Take lots and lots of pretty pictures of your progress.  After you complete a section I require a picture of that finished section sent to me via facebook messenger OR via email.  That is your key to unlock the next section of the pattern.  The loads and loads of pretty pictures are also for you to upload to your project page on Ravelry.
  • Linking your project. I’ll set up a pattern page for the pattern.  You must link your project on Ravelry to the pattern page.  Upload all of your pictures there.  Share your pattern notes (such as colors used and amounts, special hints and tricks you feel anyone working the pattern in the future may find helpful).  Please do not include round instructions in the pattern notes.
  • Share, share, share, and share some more. Post your project to Facebook on your page or in groups.   Include the name of the pattern and the link to the pattern page on Ravelry in your post please, or the comments section if you prefer.  Show off and be proud of being a pattern tester, it is a hard job.  Let people bask in your glory. 

Use any colors and any yarn weight you desire!

Tester Application